Visleshana: The Flagship Quarterly Publication of the Special Interest Group on Big Data Analytics

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Volume 2 Issue 2 (January - March 2018)

Volume 2 Issue 1 (October - December 2017)

Volume 1 Issue 4 (July - September 2017)

Volume 1 Issue 3 (April - June 2017)

Volume 1 Issue 2 (January - March 2017)
Volume 1 Issue 1 (October - December 2016)

Visleshana Call For Papers


Names Title
Chandra S. Dasaka Chief Editor and Publisher
Vishnu S. Pendyala Editor
Prof. B.L.S. Prakasa Rao Advisor
Prof. S.B.Rao Advisor
Prof. Saumyadipta Pyne Advisor
Krishna Kumar Thiagarajan Advisor
Shankar Khambhampati Advisor